What should I bring?

  • Water Bottles - Free water stations will be available to refill waters throughout the day.
  • Small Rain Umbrella - For sun protection or rain protection. Large shade umbrellas are not permitted. 
  • Folding Chair - Must be one of the types that comes in a carrying-case, please have it out for inspection.
  • Small picnic blanket or seating pad - For sitting on the ground.
  • Small fanny pack, purse, or small bag -  Small fanny packs, purses, and bags are permitted, subject to approval by gate security personnel and a hand-search at the security checkpoint. Large purses (tote bag types) are not permitted. Bags should be less than 15" high/wide. 
  • Stroller, small diaper bag, change of clothes - Children are welcome and we want them to be comfortable. Pack light and plan to return to your car if you need to access larger items.
  • Camera/video camera/cell phone - Yes. There are no security restrictions on these items. However, large camera bags are not permitted. Bring only necessary camera equipment, leaving extra attachments at home. A small fanny pack or camera vest is useful for carrying extra batteries and small lenses.
  • Hearing protection - Visitors to the Air Show are encouraged to bring some form of hearing protection with them.
  • Weather-ready gear - Poncho, sun hat, rain coat, etc., depending on our forecast.
  • Sunscreen and other health or medical devices - Allowed. Subject to search.
  • ID recommended - ID is NOT required to gain access to the installation. However, all North Carolina laws requiring identification apply for driving and purchasing alcoholic beverages.

All items brought are subject to approval by gate security personnel and a hand-search at security checkpoint.